Are Breast Reduction Results Permanent?

When you choose to have breast reduction surgery to alleviate pain, have a slimmer appearance, or feel more comfortable in your clothing, you naturally hope that the breast reduction surgical results will be permanent. Are they?

Dr. Comizio performs each surgery with the precision and expertise necessary for a permanent solution. However, there are certain conditions in which your breasts may enlarge after surgery. Some of these include:

Pregnancy after breast reduction surgery
It is inevitable that pregnancy causes breasts to enlarge as the amount of fatty tissue and blood flow to your breasts increases and prepares for breast feeding. Even if you’ve had breast reduction surgery, it is possible that a future pregnancy will result in enlarged breasts that may not reduce in size post-pregnancy.

Breastfeeding post breast reduction
There are several breast reduction techniques that allow for nursing post-surgery.  If you choose to breastfeed after having a breast reduction surgery, it is possible that the size of your breasts will stay larger than they were before your surgery.

Future weight gain
Similar to breasts reducing with weight loss, many women who gain weight increase their breast size. If you gain weight after breast reduction surgery, the increased fatty tissue in your breasts can enlarge the size of your breasts. To avoid this from occurring, women are encouraged to be at or near their comfortable, realistic, long-term weight before undergoing breast reduction surgery, and have a diet and exercise plan in place to maintain their current weight.

Hormonal supplements
There are many women that choose to take hormone supplements. These medications may cause the size of your breasts to increase, even if you’ve already had breast reconstruction surgery. However, keep in mind that if you are advised to undergo hormonal treatment, it is typically in your best interest to follow your doctor’s recommendation.

Next steps
If you are considering breast reduction surgery, it’s important to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Comizio to understand the procedure in its entirety, including plans for future pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight maintenance.

Dr. Comizio will take the time to ensure all your questions are answered, including the permanency of your surgery based on your personal situation.

Your consultation with Dr. Comizio will include discussing your physical and aesthetic concerns, a complete breast examination and recommendation for a personalized treatment plan, including the breast reduction surgical technique she recommends for your unique case. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Comizio, simply call (973) 775-9248.