Post Operative Instructions

We understand that our patients need to know how to care for themselves following their surgical procedures. Dr. Comizio will individualize your instructions for recovery based on your surgery. You will receive a written copy of instructions when you leave the facility. In general, it is important to plan ahead in order to make a timely recovery.

Medication and Supplements

Typically, NSAID’s like Advil, aspirin, vitamin and herbal supplements are stopped 14 days prior to a filler injection or surgery. Return to taking these supplements varies from 48 hours to 14 days after surgery. Tylenol is safe to take before and after surgery because it does not thin the blood like other medicines and supplements do.

Recovery Time

Some surgeries generally allow for a quicker recovery. In general, time to return to driving depends on patient comfort and ability to drive while off any prescription medication.

Body Procedures: Liposuction and fat grafting procedures are on the shorter spectrum of recovery – with return to work in about a week and activity restrictions for 3 weeks. Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) surgery takes 2-3 weeks of early recovery to get back to work and 6 weeks to get back to normal activities.

Breast Surgery: More extensive breast reduction or reconstruction takes 4-6 weeks of activity restrictions and gradual return to normal activities. Breast augmentation recovery involves one week out of most jobs and return to graded activities after 3 weeks.

Because each procedure is different, the instructions and healing time mentioned above are what are typically seen and can vary. You should remember that every person heals at a different pace, which also accounts for the range of time for healing.

Facial Rejuvenation

We focus on non-surgical facial rejuvenation that offers patients a way to prolong their youth without going through the long recovery time required after a facelift or other surgery. The versatility and minimal downtime makes this an ideal option for patients who don’t want the recovery time of a facelift but are ready for a change.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that are not listed on the post-operative instruction sheets, call our office at 973.775.9248.