As an expert in minimally invasive, age-defying procedures, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Comizio suggests Botox for patients who want to erase lines and wrinkles that deepen around their:

  • Brows
  • Lips
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Forehead

Is Botox Right for Me?

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging. But with Botox treatment, you can get rid of wrinkles and lines in less than fifteen minutes of treatment. Botox works by relaxing contracting facial muscles that form lines and wrinkles. When Botox is conservatively used and targeted to specific facial muscles, the results are remarkable. With one treatment, lines and wrinkles are smoothed away for between three to four months.

Are There Any Downsides to Botox?

All medications can have side effects. During the office visit, these will be reviewed with you. The downside of Botox from a cosmetic standpoint comes with overuse. Dr. Comizio favors a conservative approach to Botox that balances a youthful appearance with natural expression.

What Happens During Treatment?

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Comizio will discuss the results that you want to achieve and come up with a treatment plan to address your concerns. She will also outline the benefits and risks associated with Botox. Once you decide to undergo treatment, the entire procedure can be performed in minutes. No anesthesia is needed because the discomfort is very minimal and does not last long.

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How Long Will It Take to Work?

Botox acts over time. You will improve over a period of five to seven days after treatment, with lines and wrinkles fading more each day. Immediately after the treatment, you may experience some temporary side effects related to Botox including:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort

Does Botox Have Any Long-Term Effects?

The best part about Botox treatment is that it helps us break the cycle of making expressions that cause facial lines. One benefit of Botox is that patients feel they can extend their results after several treatments, often extending the three-month effects to anywhere from four to six months. Once Dr. Comizio sees how the product works for you, she can individualize your treatment dosing and schedule.

How Do I Maintain the Results of My Botox Treatment?

To maintain the results of their Botox, Dr. Comizio recommends two to four visits each year. After your first treatment, you will have a better understanding of how Botox interacts with your body, allowing you to evolve a treatment plan based on your preferences.

Some of the benefits of using Botox over time is to help prevent lines and wrinkles from worsening.

Brilliant Distinctions

As part of Dr. Comizio’s Brilliant Distinctions program, patients who continue their treatment with Botox will receive coupons that they can apply towards their next treatment. Brilliant Distinctions reward points are also obtained by purchasing Latisse, Juvederm, and Skin Medica skin care products. The Brilliant Distinctions rewards program gives you a little extra help to maintain your new look.

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