Breast Enhancement New Jersey

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is breast enhancement. New Jersey women that have undergone a mastectomy or who just want to get fuller cleavage can get gorgeous, life-changing results working with Dr. Comizio. The breast enhancement procedure has been around for decades. The techniques and technology have continued to improve over the years making the results even better and the procedure safer. If you’re interested in working with one of the absolute best plastic surgeons in the country, then make sure you contact Dr. Comizio today at (973) 775-9248.

Not only is Dr. Comizio an Ivy League-educated surgeon, but as a woman, she is uniquely qualified to give women personalized recommendations about their breast enhancement. New Jersey women absolutely love Dr. Comizio’s shared decision-making method that gives our female patients a greater voice in their treatment plan. She makes sure that her patients understand every step in the procedure and all of the risks as well. Dr. Comizio has won numerous awards for her world-class precision and skill, including being named one of America’s top surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America for five years in a row. Contact us today to get started.

How it Works: Breast Enhancement

New Jersey women that are unhappy with the size of their breasts or whose breasts may have began to sag after breastfeeding can get the cleavage and youthful perkiness they’ve always wanted. The breast enhancement procedure uses breast implants to boost the size, fullness, and shape of their breasts.

We perform our breast enhancement procedures at a local hospital or outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. Dr. Comizio makes an incision under the breast and then creates a pocket behind the breast to hold the implant. The implant can be placed on top of or behind the chest muscle, depending on the patient’s frame and their aesthetic goals. After the implant is placed, Dr. Comizio will ensure that the implant shapes the breast to the patient’s desires and then she will suture the incision.

Recovering from Breast Enhancement

New Jersey women will have plenty of opportunities to discuss the recovery process with Dr. Comizio. The most important thing to be aware of is that planning ahead will help you get the best possible results from your procedure. For example, patients will need to have someone drive them home after the procedure as the anesthetic wears off.

Immediately after the procedure, New Jersey patients will be placed in a mild compression garment to hold their implants in place as the body heals. Patients will experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort for a few days afterward and Dr. Comizio can prescribe pain medication to help. For the first week, you will need to take time off work while your body heals. You should also avoid any strenuous activity for several weeks following surgery.

A question that we often get from our patients is when will they see the final results of their breast enhancement. It usually takes several months until the final results of your procedure will start to appear. This is often because their body is still adjusting to the implants which is a normal part of the healing process.

Choosing the Type of Breast Implants for your Breast Enhancement

New Jersey patients have some fantastic choices for the type of breast implant that they want to use in their procedure.

  • Saline – Saline implants are a good choice for patients concerned with the ability to detect an implant rupture right away. They can feel “harder” than natural breasts, and some patients may develop a “rippling” effect on the edges.
  • Silicone – Silicone implants tend to produce a softer, more natural feel. The best way to detect an implant leak with silicone implants is with a breast MRI. MRI’s to detect leaks are usually not covered by insurance and may incur an out of pocket expense.
  • Cohesive gel – Often called “gummy bear” implants have a textured surface which gives them a firmer feel compared to smooth implants. Gummy bear implants also need to be checked by MRI to check for leaks.

If you’re thinking about getting breast enhancement, one of the best things you can do is make sure you work with the most qualified plastic surgeon. As a nationally-recognized and Ivy League-educated doctor, Dr. Comizio is one of the most highly demanded surgeons in the nation. Dr. Comizio specializes in working with you to provide natural looking results.

Make sure you call our New Jersey office at (973) 775-9248 to get started.