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Susan C

Susan C.

Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Revision Patient

Susan tested positive for the BRCA gene and came to Dr. Comizio after three failed attempts at breast reconstruction by a notable New York surgeon. Frustrated by her treatment at a large hospital and afraid nothing could be done to restore her breasts, Susan turned to Dr. Comizio. Within a few treatments Susan’s concern was turned into gratitude for the dramatic improvement in her appearance.

Trish E

Trish E.

Cancer Survivor Breast Reconstruction Patient

Trish is the survivor of a double mastectomy and wanted immediate reconstruction after her breast cancer was removed. Dr. Comizio came highly recommended by Trish’s breast cancer surgeon and was the first and only doctor Trish considered seeing for breast reconstruction. While under the care of Dr. Comizio and her staff, Trish received answers and reassurance she needed to make her comfortable and confident with every step of her procedure.

Jennifer J

Jennifer J.

Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Patient

Having a strong family history, Jennifer decided to undergo a double mastectomy as a preventative measure against breast cancer. Jennifer wanted her breast reconstruction to look natural and fit her active lifestyle. Dr. Comizio was able to restore Jennifer’s breasts within months of her double mastectomy and get her back to running marathons six weeks after her implants were placed.

Vicki F

Vicki F.

Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Patient

Naturally distressed after testing positive for an abnormal mammogram and precancerous atypia plus family history, Vicki called Dr. Comizio’s office the same day she received the news. After speaking with a staff member for thirty-five minutes, Vicki was calm and reassured about her procedure and booked her initial consultation. After reviewing options with Dr. Comizio, she selected a breast reconstruction procedure that gave her results exceeding anything she’d dreamed of. Vicki now wears whatever she wants with confidence, recommending Dr. Comizio to any woman who wants to restore their appearance.

Joy's Story

Joy K.

Cancer Survivor Breast Reconstruction Revision Patient

Unhappy with her previous breast reconstruction surgery and eager to regain her confidence, Joy was referred to Dr. Comizio by a good friend who had also battled breast cancer. Dr. Comizio not only performed Joy’s breast reconstruction six years after her last unsuccessful reconstructive surgery, she advised Joy to go for a breast cancer screening before surgery. This caught the return of Joy’s cancer at an early stage, so that she could seek treatment before getting reconstructive surgery.