Choose You

“Self care is how you take your power back” —Lalah Delia
This month is Mental Health Awareness. This is a prevalent topic in my office. Not only during the month of May, but quite often with my patients throughout the year. Many women put off breast reconstruction or reduction for years, or even decades, despite it affecting their quality of life. They often say they will do it “eventually.” Sometimes it is for fear of not having the time, or waiting for the kids to get older or even feeling like it’s an extravagant indulgence. This is often despite having daily challenges of living a normal life as they are consumed with discomfort, limitations or self-image issues. This is a direct correlation to their mental health. It’s important to put their needs first – and that is often a challenge for women. It is so common post surgery to hear the reaction, “why didn’t I do this sooner.”
There is also a strong connection to mental health and proper healing with an unequivocal connection to the power of the mind. Our minds are surprisingly powerful and can have a real impact on our body. Your expectations for your recovery from surgery can actually predict how well you will recover. Your general mental outlook can also have an impact.
Prior to surgery, I always talk to my patients about getting in the best possible state physically and mentally to have the best outcome. An honest conversation pre-surgery will discuss what to expect and how to anticipate the healing process.
Mental health has had a stigma attached for a long time – it is finally getting normalized and discussed. Your mental health is no different than your physical health and it deserves the same care you would give to your heart, joints or other organs.
Your mental health before surgery plays a significant role in your body’s ability to recover and heal after surgery. I encourage patients to prioritize their mental health the same way they do their physical health so you can have the best possible outcomes after surgery.
Yes, you are allowed to do this for you, and put yourself first.