Creating Goodness Together

“When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.” – Jack Kornfield
World Kindness Day landed on November 13th this year. Although it is a one-day recognition, the message tends to spread throughout the month, especially as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday and acknowledge the current climate abroad.
The day is a global observance dedicated to promoting and celebrating acts of kindness, serving as a reminder of the positive impact that kindness can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large. It encourages people to perform intentional acts of kindness and foster a culture of compassion and generosity.
The emphasis on empathy, understanding, and cooperation is meant to create a more harmonious and caring world.
The World Kindness Movement, a global coalition, established the day in 1998. They suggest several ways to practice acts of kindness including helping a neighbor, complimenting someone, donating to a charity, spreading positivity, volunteering, or random acts of kindness.
I feel inspired by this movement and am reminded of the importance of joining forces to create awareness. It is truly remarkable how people tend to pay it forward when an act of kindness is placed upon them by another person.
As we take a moment to be thankful for everything that we are fortunate for, and surround ourselves with loved ones this holiday, it is equally as important to recognize those that might need a little extra support and kindness. I am convinced that every little gesture counts and when we come together to create goodness, the message spreads wide.
A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.