Do More of What Makes You Happy

The first month of the year is National Hobby Month. I love this. It’s basically reminding us at the beginning of the year to do more of what makes us happy. I have a growing list of all the things I want to do that I genuinely enjoy. If you’re like me, you can never really find the time to do them.
Having a hobby typically means you really want to do it. It’s not for the money or the status, it’s the pure enjoyment you get from doing that activity.
Having a hobby can help us remember to stop and enjoy the moment. They are great stress relievers that encourage us to take a break and explore yourself and your talents. It can also offer a new mental or physical challenge that gets you out of your comfort zone, but gives you a thrill you may not have experienced in a long time.
It’s also been said that hobbies keep you healthier by producing natural endorphins and decluttering your mind.
I encourage you to join me this month in picking up a hobby – whether old or new. It’s so important for us to spend our time doing more of what we love. And what better time to start than the present.