How Much Does Breast Surgery Cost?

One of the most common hesitations we hear with breast surgery, specifically breast reduction, is the thought that a procedure by a plastic surgeon is not covered by insurance and will be completely out-of-pocket. What if we told you that your breast reduction surgery could very well be covered? Many plastic surgeons do not accept insurance, and all costs are out of pocket. As one of the top breast surgeons in New Jersey, Dr. Comizio is one of the only breast surgeons that accepts most major insurance carriers.

If your procedure is deemed necessary for medical purposes, there is a good chance insurance will cover much of your breast reduction costs. In most cases, procedures such as breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and any revisions related to breast reconstruction are covered by most insurance companies. As an in-network provider, Dr. Comizio’s patients do not incur any hidden out of pockets costs related to a procedure.

There are several factors that go into the cost of breast reduction surgery – including fees for anesthesia, for the hospital or surgical facility, necessary medical tests, post-surgical garments and fees for the surgeon.

Dr. Comizio’s team works directly with insurance carriers and knows the procedures and steps necessary to process claims, advocating on your behalf and submitting the claims directly. In most cases, Dr. Comizio’s office will complete the necessary paperwork to file your claim, alleviating you from all the guess work.

If in the unusual case your breast reduction surgery is identified strictly for aesthetic reasons, it could become an out of pocket expense. Dr. Comizio offers financing options to help cover the costs of breast reduction and accepts most payment options.

If you belong to an insurance plan that we are not listed with as an in-network provider, you can still be treated by Dr. Comizio, but the costs will fall under your out-of-network benefits. In this case, we will do the best we can to provide reasonable pricing and transparent billing.

We do always suggest a patient understands their insurance plan, including deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-network benefits.

So, that surgery you may have only dreamed of doing, can be a reality. All it takes is making an initial consultation with Dr. Comizio to understand your insurance coverage – your procedure could be completely covered. There’s really no reason to delay it any further. Make an appointment today: 973-775-9248