Invest In Yourself

“Invest in yourself. Because you can’t afford not to.”
It’s so exciting we are entering into Spring. One of the things I look forward to the most is the readily available increase in vegetables and fruits as the weather gets warmer. This National Nutrition Month reminds me how important it is to keep consistent with your diet. I say the word “diet” here not as a plan of action, but as the food you ingest on a daily bases. If we invest in what we put into our body, we can become healthier and help avoid illnesses.
I know it is not all or nothing…and I know I have my own inconsistencies, but I also make a concerted effort to feed my body with nutritious, healthy foods. The key to it all is a healthy gut microbiome, which simply means you have more good bacteria winning over the bad bacteria as they battle for playing ground in your gut. The more good bacteria you have, the more you can ward off illness and disease. If you can supplement with a good probiotic, that will also help good bacteria grow. You can feed the good bacteria with prebiotics like fermented foods, garlic, onions, bananas, oats, legumes and asparagus.
You can use this month of nutrition to find new, healthy recipes, try new foods or learn about which foods are the most nutritious. This is a great resource from the USDA on foods that are great sources of key vitamins and minerals.
Try to take advantage of all of the new harvested foods coming our way. Incorporate fruits and veggies on a daily bases, keep to lean proteins and try to buy organic when possible. Every little effort can add up to a beneficial result.