It’s the Beginning

“This is the beginning of anything you want.”
It’s the time of year where we reflect on the past year and envision what’s to come. We decide if we have accomplished everything we have sought out to do and if not, promise to tackle it in the New Year.
I do think we have to remember to acknowledge what we did conquer. Every year brings new challenges and sometimes we just need to do the best we can to survive. Celebrate the accomplishments – the things you feel really good about completing. Give yourself some appreciation for things you had to endure and made it to the other side. I love the quote, “You have survived every single bad day so far.”
In addition to focusing on what I did well, I like to revisit the people that came into my life during a year and how that relationship enhanced my life. Sometimes people come in for a short moment and exit as quickly, but your paths were meant to cross. I experience that often in my practice. I have patients that come and go, and some that remain friends for years to come. Every one of them have taught me something and given me an appreciation for my interactions with women from all around.
I truly want to thank you for being a part of my year. I am grateful for our paths crossing and I am grateful for future encounters. May your holiday be rich with love and thankfulness and may you be inspired to create the best version of you in the New Year.