Let’s Get Motivated!

This year, I think we have all struggled to find a sense of normal. I tried to dig deep to understand what keeps me going. I resorted to the fact that motivation is a key determining factor for me personally. I am motivated to do a job I was blessed to specialize in, help women find a life they may have felt they lost, and nurture and love my family.
I find that motivation is what gets me up in the morning and what drives me to make the most of my day. I think there is a key lesson here – despite external challenges, uncertainty and confusion, you have to find what gives you energy to make every day count. This is definitely very personal. Your motivation can be a life-changing job, improving your health or to inspire and lead others.
There are two types of motivation:
Intrinsic motivation – when motivation comes internally to meet personal needs. For example, we do things we do because we intrinsically enjoy them, not because we are forced. We get satisfaction from doing for others because we chose to for personal accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s a natural high.
Extrinsic motivation – when motivation comes from external factors that are provided by others. For example, a raise in salary or praise from someone.
I challenge you, especially during the anomaly of 2020, to find what intrinsically motivates and inspires you to do better. If you can find your internal motivation, it only becomes sweeter when external motivation is added to the mix. It’s like icing on the cake.
“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – D. Eisenhower
Source: EMS1