Look Around You

“No rain, no flowers.” – Haruki Murakami
Have you ever just had that feeling of pure freedom? Like the world has gifted you the opportunity to have everything you had imagined and more?
This is not a mistake and it can take your breath away when you experience it. It just takes time, or even a moment, to see it and appreciate it. There are so many times we get caught up in seeking what we want, and do not quite have yet, and may forget all that we have already been gifted.
Spring is a reminder of our life’s journey. The work you put in is hard and, sometimes tedious – but there is always a reward. The flowers blooming from a once frozen ground are proof that we rise from hard things. It’s not a surprise that the month of April gets it’s name from the Latin word “aperio” which means “to open (bud)”. This literal interpretation mimics all of the flowers, budding trees and plants that are sprouting out. And the metaphoric interpretation can relate to our own sense of renewal and appreciation for all that we have accomplished. We can do hard things. We can rise from challenges and bloom. We can feel that sense of freedom that this life is ours and we create it.
We will always have choices, which relates right back to the feeling of freedom. When you know you have accomplished great things and can look back and appreciated the work it took to get there and revel in it.
Spring reminds me to appreciate life’s rewards. We are surrounded by the beauty of the spring bloom and symbolically, seeing all the bright hope for the future.