Optimistic Possibilities

“Good thoughts, good things.” – Jessica Metcalfe
It is impossible not to love this month. We have momentum in the new year after easing ourselves in during January and mid-month is a reminder to love one another with the enormity of Valentine’s Day. How can you not smile at all of the hearts, flowers, and loving sentiments? And to top it all off, we recognize Random Acts of Kindness day on February 17th. And this year in particular, we have a leap day on February 29th, which only happens every 4 years. Before you know it, we slide into March and right into spring.
This month is giving me a sense of optimism. Maybe it’s because the shortest days of the year are behind us and we see a little more daylight every day. Maybe it is because there is a new energy in the air that I haven’t felt in some time.
I think we can all practice a little optimism – even in challenging situations. Setbacks are always temporary, especially if you have resilience and determination. I also think it means looking for gratitude daily and appreciating the small joys in life. I always thought change is good – as it is an opportunity for growth ad self-improvement. Every change is an opportunity to learn and innovate.
I think contagious optimism can have a ripple effect. Approaching each other with optimistic tendencies can create overall well-being among communities, work places and social circle.
So let’s join together and welcome this new month, full of optimistic possibilities.