Happy Patient

Dear Dr. Comizio

It has been about 4 years since my breast reduction and wound healing. This year, I got married and was abel to wear my dream dress without a bra and felt I finally had a life event I didn’t dread the bra/fit debacle. For that, I thank you. We were lucky enough to get pregnant our first try (wedding night, of course). I gave birth weeks early due to rapid onset of preeclampsia. We have been recovering well but will be in the NiCu until the due date. For a scary situation, the one thing I have ben able to do is provide breast milk (quite a bit the lactation ladies said). I always feared if I had a reduction, I wouldn’t be able to until I met you. Every person I met at Morristown is amazed at what a great jo you did for me that I am able to have mil for my little boy. Especially in a time like this. I am so grateful for you and wanted to thank you again.