Thank You Note 5

I will always remember that day – September 7th 2014. It took one phone call for my life to go upside down. The only thing I heard was breast cancer. I did not hear “early stage, DCIS or Stage 0,” only breast cancer.

I was 40 years old; this couldn’t happen to me. It was a mistake! I was devastated, lost in translation. Entering this new world full of uncertainty, listening to people talking about things I couldn’t possibly imagine existed, madly reading over and over again anything about breast cancer, DCIS, treatments etc…, facing the most difficult decisions I ever had to make in my young life. I felt lonely, lost, like my body had given up on me. I lost trust in myself; I was angry, sad, depressed…I was simply scared.

That story was my story 1 year ago.

Today, I am proud to say that not only am I CANCER FREE, but most of all I feel spiritually free. There is one important thing I have learned through this journey with the support of everyone at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center…GRATITUDE.
Today, I am so grateful for Dr. Gendler and Dr. Comizio, two amazing surgeons full of life, trustworthy, honest, caring and most of all, gifted with a very good sense of humor! A sense of humor was very precious to me when I went through the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center doors and felt empty.
Today, I look forward to going through the Cancer Center doors. I feel the warmth, energy and kindness from everyone. They smile, they hug, they laugh. I feel energized from the spiritual hands of the Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners. I feel blessed to hear the singing bowls.
Today, I am grateful for everyone who helped me become who I am. I am grateful for Lynn, who so kindly welcomed me every time I had Reiki. I am grateful for my music therapist, Leah Oswanski, who took the time to listen to me, and helped me discover the power of music on the mind and body while receiving the enchanted music of the mysterious Somatron chair. I am grateful for my oncology social worker, Kristy Case, who has been there for me all along, listened to me, let me cry and laugh, said the right words and shared some meaningful moments with me, always with a smile and sense of humor. She healed my soul and helped me grow to the person I am today.

In January, I will have moved back to Europe, and feel so sad that those people will not be part of my life anymore. They mean so much to me, and will remain in my heart forever. Carol G. Simon Cancer Center is blessed with genuinely kind people, who love their job because of who they are. Whatever your story is, trust me, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center is here for you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, MERCI.