The Time is Now

“I have found that, if you love life, life will love you back.”
I think it’s still within reason to wish everyone a Happy New Year – and I hope it’s off to a great start! We always think of the new year as a time of new beginnings. It is often thought of as a refresh – a time to figure out what you want from this new year and make it happen.
I have always followed the philosophy that what you give out is often what you give back. It can be hard to consistently do this with energy and positivity when sometimes we are just trying to get through a packed week. I am hoping to keep things in perspective this year and balance my work and personal life in a productive, fulfilling way. To plan to do more of what I love and to spend time with those who are important in my life. I am going to say “yes” to more of the things that make me happy, and really try to say “no” to things that add more stress or time commitment than I have to give.
We do not have to wait for the right time. The right time is now. Make room for the things that fulfill you. Open up and welcome in the things that you have put off that you have been wanting to do. That’s my goal for 2023. Life is moving way too fast, and I want to appreciate all of the little moments with vigor and light. When I think of someone I want to spend more time with, I am going to reach out and make it happen. When I have a new idea for my work, I am going to explore it.
As I get older, I am finding that I want a little bit more. I want to find the things that excite me and get me inspired to keep pushing. Even just carving out an extra hour for myself each week, or working towards a small goal. I am going to make it happen.
I hope you all find your light. Best wishes for a fulfilled, inspirational and energizing new year.