There’s More to Mental Health

“The strongest people are those that win battles we know nothing about.”
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This topic resonates with me for so many reasons. We saw the profound impact Covid had on all of us and how it took a toll on many of us mentally. We had to pivot and adjust to a new way of living. For those that already struggled with loneliness and despair, it was even more impactful. In my line of work, I see women that are going through very serious health battles and they are struggling to fight through it while keeping mentally stable.
The topic of mental health used to be very taboo. Many did not want to admit they needed help or were struggling. Thankfully, it has become a more public topic that is recognized and addressed. Mental health issues are not uncommon.
Mental health involves our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Issues can stem from environmental factors such as our work or home environment, previous trauma, social factors (including social media) or a genetic disposition. The younger generation is also susceptible to mental health struggles – perhaps due to social media influences, a more open forum to discuss issues or watching celebrities expose their struggles and following their lead.
If you are struggling with mental health issues – you are not alone. Talk it out with others and be open and honest about what you are experiencing. It’s important to also educate yourself on the causes and understand what you may be feeling. Be sure to seek treatment early with a therapist or even first with your general practitioner. You should treat mental illness just as if you’d treat a physical one. Most healthcare plans offer mental health benefits.
Please do not let mental illness define you. There are so many resources available, and treatment is very effective.
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