What Will My Skin Be Like Post-Breast Reduction Surgery?

So, you’ve decided to have breast reduction surgery. It’s a big decision…with so many questions about the before and after. One of the most pressing questions is if the skin around your breasts will remain tight and not sag post-surgery. Of course, you are looking to alleviate the pain you’ve experienced with larger breasts, but ultimately, you want your reduced size to be flattering and attractive.

The elasticity of your skin prior to your breast reduction surgery will determine if the skin around your breasts will tighten post-surgery. Some women looking for breast reduction, with good skin elasticity, may actually choose liposuction to reduce their breast size. In this case, they are likely to maintain their tight skin elasticity with little sagging after their surgery.

Women who choose an “open” breast reduction surgery, such as a lollipop or anchor incision, will have similar skin elasticity post-surgery, with less saggy and ptotic skin after breast reduction surgery since there is less skin.

So, if I am worried about skin elasticity with breast reduction surgery, should I do it?
Breast reduction surgery is a very personal choice – and has tremendous benefits. You must weigh benefits vs. the risks. Although, the benefits of breast reduction surgery are quite significant:

  • Decreased back pain from large breasts
  • Alleviating the need to hide or secure large breasts
  • More symmetrical breasts
  • A better aesthetic appearance
  • More flexibility and choices for clothing
  • Wearing a bathing suit comfortably
  • Exercising comfortably

The simplest solution is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Renee Comizio to discuss all your options, including the ability to retain tight breast skin after your breast reduction surgery.

What to expect during your consultation
Dr. Comizio will conduct a complete breast examination, review your health history and thoroughly outline your options for breast reduction. An initial internet search will give you baseline information, however meeting with a renowned, expert breast surgeon like Dr. Comizio will give you definitive answers to your questions based on your unique breast anatomy and presentation.

Does insurance cover breast reduction surgery?
Dr. Comizio accepts most major insurance carriers – which is extremely unique for a plastic surgeon. Her team of experts will handle all the insurance paperwork and submissions for you.

It’s easy for you to schedule a breast reduction surgery consultation with Dr. Comizio. You simply need to call (973) 775-9248.

We look forward to meeting you.