3 Benefits of Breast Reduction

istock_000020541604_large-compressorNot every New Jersey woman seeking a plastic surgeon’s assistance with her breasts is looking to enlarge them. In fact, for many New Jersey women with naturally large breasts, a breast reduction is the procedure they are most interested in. New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Comizio is an expert at performing breast reduction procedures and breast lifts, helping women to alleviate pain caused by large breasts and regain confidence. Read on for three benefits of breast reduction surgery:

1.    Feel More Comfortable and Reduce Pain

Many New Jersey women with large breasts suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain from their enlarged breast tissue, and have deep grooves from their bra straps on their shoulders. A breast reduction can help these women feel more comfortable in their own skin.

2.    Eliminate Unwanted Attention

Not all New Jersey women want the attention that large breasts seem to bring along with them. Teens and young women may feel especially insecure wearing bathing suits and other clothing that tend to draw attention to the breast area. In fact, many women with naturally large breasts are self-conscious, and wish they had more proportional breasts that didn’t receive as much attention. A breast reduction surgery can achieve this, and help New Jersey women feel more confident.

3.    Participate in Sports

Many New Jersey women love to live active lifestyles and play sports, but naturally large breasts can make such a lifestyle difficult to live. A breast reduction can make a woman more comfortable when playing sports, running and doing other activities.

What Happens During a Breast Reduction?

There are three main types of breast reduction surgeries, all of which New Jersey Dr. Comizio is well versed in. The first is a vertical breast reduction, also known as a lollipop scar. During this procedure, breast tissue is removed to give a woman a smaller, more proportional breast size. A Vertical breast reduction is best for women who have enlarged breasts and good skin quality. For some New Jersey women, who only require a minor breast reduction and have good skin elasticity, liposuction of the breasts may be a sufficient means of reducing the breast size. Liposuction of the breasts is typically indicated for patients who do not need reshaping of the breasts. Finally, there is an anchor scar, in which a breast is reduced and lifted to give it a more youthful contour.

What is Recovery Time Like for a Breast Reduction Surgery?

New Jersey women will be pleased to know that breast reduction is typically an outpatient procedure, which means you can usually go home the same day as your surgery. Immediately after surgery you will have gauze placed over your incisions, and have a special bandage wrapped around your breasts, or be placed in a special, post-op bra. You will have absorbable stitches, and you may in rare instances have drains placed to drain excess fluid after surgery. Your stitches will remain in place for about two weeks, after which you can resume normal, light activities. Strenuous exercise cannot be resumed for six weeks.

I Would Like a Breast Reduction.

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