3 Benefits of Breast Reduction

A plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery may offer many different procedures to patients – from breast enhancement to mastopexy to breast reduction.

Breast reduction is one of the more common surgeries for women who are naturally born with large breasts and have struggled with challenges their whole life.  Dr. Comizio is an expert at performing breast reduction procedures and breast lifts, helping women to alleviate pain caused by large breasts and regain confidence.

There are several benefits of breast reduction surgery including:

1. Feeling more comfortable

Many women with large breasts suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain from their enlarged breast tissue. Enlarged breasts are heavy and can cause extra strain on the body. It is also common to experience a lot of pressure from deep groves of bra straps on their shoulders in trying to support the extra breast weight. Breast reduction can alleviate the extra weight, and related pain and pressure.

2. Participating in physical activity

If you live an active lifestyle and/or play sports, large breasts may hinder your performance or cause excess pain when exercising or running. Naturally large breasts can truly influence your lifestyle and make it difficult to perform everyday activities. A breast reduction can help activities become more comfortable and help you have many more options to participate in activities you love.

3. Eliminating attention

If you have had large breasts your entire life, it may have caused more attention than you may have desired. Teens and young women may feel especially insecure wearing bathing suits or tighter and more revealing clothing that draws attention to their chest. In fact, many women with naturally large breasts are self-conscious, and wish they had more proportional breasts that were less noticeable.  A breast reduction surgery can help achieve this, and help you feel more confident.

How is a breast reduction performed?

There are three main types of breast reduction surgeries The first is a vertical breast reduction, also known as a lollipop scar. During this procedure, breast tissue is removed to give a woman a smaller, more proportional breast size. A vertical breast reduction is best for women who have enlarged breasts and good skin quality. Some women are only seeking a minor breast reduction and have good skin elasticity. In this case, liposuction of the breasts may be a sufficient means of reducing the breast size. Liposuction of the breasts is typically indicated for patients who do not need reshaping of the breasts. Finally, there is an anchor scar, in which a breast is reduced and lifted to give it a more youthful contour.

Recovery after breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is typically an outpatient procedure, which means you can usually go home the same day as your surgery. Immediately after surgery you will have gauze placed over your incisions, and have a special bandage wrapped around your breasts, or be placed in a special, post-op bra. You will have dissolvable stitches, and you may, in some instances, have drains placed to drain excess fluid after surgery. Your stitches will remain in place for about two weeks, after which you can resume normal, light activities. Strenuous exercise cannot be resumed for six weeks.

How do I learn more?

Dr. Comizio is recognized as one of the top breast surgeons in New Jersey, and an expert at performing breast reductions. If  you are considering a breast reduction procedure, our office can answer any questions you may have, including insurance coverage. Simply call us: (973) 775-9248.