Breast Reconstruction Recovery Steps

Breast Reconstruction New JerseyMorristown plastic surgeon, Dr. Comizio, understands that breast reconstruction patients have a lot of questions about their recovery from surgery, especially those who are having an immediate breast reconstruction and are simultaneously receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments for their breast cancer. After all, your body has been through enough. Now you have to recover from surgery, too?

Whether you’re a Morristown woman getting an immediate breast reconstruction surgery, or having it performed months or even years after your mastectomy, there are certain recovery steps that you’ll need to follow, including:

  • Always follow the directions of your oncologist, if you’re still undergoing breast cancer treatment. If you’re still fighting cancer, your number one priority is to do what your oncologist instructs you to do.
  • Second, follow Dr. Comizio’s postoperative instructions to a “T.” Dr. Comizio has years of experience performing the many types of breast reconstruction surgeries available to women and tailors her postoperative instructions to each one of her patients. After following your oncologist’s orders, doing what Dr. Comizio has instructed you to do should be your second priority.
  • Take your pain medication exactly as prescribed. Some Morristown women may experience discomfort after their breast reconstruction surgery. This is especially true of flap reconstruction patients, who have had surgery performed on two separate sites. Take your pain medications exactly as Dr. Comizio has prescribed them.
  • Never lie on your stomach when recovering from breast Doing so may put too much undue pressure on your newly reconstructed breasts, whether they were reconstructed with implants or your body’s own tissue. Instead, lie on your back with your back propped up with pillows, or in a recliner.
  • Take plenty of time to rest. Depending on your specific breast reconstruction treatment plan, Dr. Comizio will likely require you to take anywhere between 4 and 10 weeks of rest and time away from work or your other daily activities. Make sure you rest and recuperate for the exact amount of time Dr. Comizio prescribes. Doing so will allow you to heal properly.*
  • Avoid heavy lifting for 10 weeks. The amount of time Morristown women will need to refrain from lifting anything heavy, including your small children, will depend on the type of breast reconstruction surgery you had performed. If you have breast implants placed, you’ll likely be able to pick up heavy objects sooner rather than later. But if you have abdominal flap surgery, especially if the muscle has been cut, you’ll need more time to recover before you can lift anything heavy.
  • Refrain from getting in the water until Dr. Comizio clears you to do so. Taking a shower, bath or dip in the pool too soon after your breast reconstruction surgery may affect your body’s ability to heal properly, and also inadvertently introduce bacteria to your incision sites. Always wait to get into the water until Dr. Comizio has told you it’s okay.

Find Out Additional Information About Breast Reconstruction Recovery

If you’re considering breast reconstruction, you probably have a lot of questions about your recovery process. If your questions weren’t answered in this blog post, then reach out to Dr. Comizio herself at her office in Morristown. Schedule an initial breast reconstruction appointment with her today by calling (973) 775-9248.

*Individual results may vary.