Breast Reduction Cost New Jersey

Women have a wide range of concerns that they must think through before they get any kind of plastic surgery. But with breast reduction, there are some additional surprises and issues that patients may have to deal with when it comes to their insurance and their breast reduction cost. New Jersey women that are suffering from large, pendulous breasts can often have some of their breast reduction cost covered by their insurance. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors. But the good news is that Dr. Comizio is extremely experienced in working with health insurance companies. If you’re ready to get lighter and more youthful looking breasts, then make sure that you call Dr. Comizio today at (973) 775-9248 to get started with your consultation. You can also watch some video interviews with a few of our patients to learn more about what you can expect with Dr. Comizio.

Insurance and Breast Reduction Cost

New Jersey women not only have to think about taking time off of work, transportation to and from the surgical facility, their family, and other issues, but they also need to find a way to pay for the procedure. In fact, one of the most common reasons women don’t get the procedure is concerns about cost and misunderstanding about whether insurance will cover the procedure. New Jersey women can rest assured that Dr. Comizio will do everything in her power to work with your insurance.

Dr. Comizio and our entire staff are experts in navigating insurance and plastic surgery procedures. We have a long history of getting our New Jersey patients coverage–especially with breast reduction. On top of that, Dr. Comizio is in-network with many of the major health insurance providers so once our patients meet their deductibles/co-insurance, there may not be any additional out of pocket costs. And of course, with Dr Comizio being an in network plastic surgeon with most major insurance companies, there will never be any hidden fees.

Insurance Considerations and Breast Reduction

Every woman considering breast reduction should take some time to sit down and read your health insurance plan. Another good idea is to get on the phone with your insurance company representative and have a list of questions ready to ask them about breast reduction cost. New Jersey patients can often learn quite a bit about the specifics of their particular plan. While every plan is different, there are some general considerations that the insurance company will make about paying for breast reduction.

  • The change in cup size – Many insurance companies will cover moderate breast reductions of 500 grams or greater. An example might be a woman going from an G cup down to a C cup. Of course, not all women need this amount of breast reduction. The good news is that many insurers will cover breast reduction plastic surgery with a reduction of lesser amount. Dr. Comizio’s office staff are expert in helping you figure out whether your breast reduction amount will be covered by your insurance plan. A 500 gram breast reduction removes 1.1 pounds from each breast. Just imagine the difference in not having 2.2 pounds hanging from your shoulders after a long busy day.
  • Your body size – Another factor that insurance companies may look at is your height and weight. Smaller women getting reductions may have a better chance of getting coverage when using a body surface area formula.
  • Pre-certification – In many cases, you will need your surgeon to get pre-certification for the procedure in writing. In the request for pre-certification, Dr. Comizio will include evidence as to why you need the procedure. This is where Dr. Comizio and her staff excel.
  • You can appeal – Even if you are denied coverage for your breast reduction procedure, you can request an appeal. Don’t give up! We are there to support you all the way.
  • Some New Jersey women opt to pay out of pocket for their breast reduction. Our office can review the complete cost after your consultation if you decide to go this route. By avoiding the insurance company coverage, you no longer are tied to a minimum amount removed and may have more control over your final goal cup size after breast reduction surgery. Some of our patients who opt to pay out of pocket do so to avoid jumping through any insurance hoops, such as having to go to the chiropractor or physical therapist, in order to get the procedure covered.

Medical Benefits and Breast Reduction Cost

New Jersey women that experience various medical benefits from their breast reduction also have a very good shot at getting coverage from their insurance provider.

  • Reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain – Overly large breasts can put a massive strain on the back, shoulder, and neck muscles as they struggle to compensate for the weight on the chest. With breast reduction surgery, women can get relief from these symptoms which can be a big help in getting insurance coverage.
  • Headache – Some women experience painful headaches because of the strain their large breasts place on their bodies. Breast reduction surgery can often relieve these headaches which can also help them get coverage.

Why Women Love Working with Dr. Comizio

As a woman, Dr. Comizio brings a different and unique perspective to breast reduction surgery. Our patients love how open and honest she is through every step in the process. Dr. Comizio has pioneered and published academic papers on a new shared decision-making system that gives patients more control and confidence in their decisions. As an Ivy League-educated doctor and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Comizio also has the credentials and education to back up her status as one of the most respected doctors in the region.

Dr. Comizio is Passionate about Breast Reduction

But on top of that, Dr. Comizio is especially interested in breast reduction and has made it one of her top areas of focus throughout her career. She has published numerous academic papers on breast reduction techniques and continues to give lectures and speak at conferences on the topic.

If you’re hoping to work with one of the premier breast reduction surgeons, then make sure to contact Dr. Comizio today at (973) 775-9248.