Breast Reduction Surgery & Insurance

Having breasts that are too large for your body can be a terribly misunderstood issue that can cause serious, long-term health risks for women. If larger breasts run in the family it can be a genetic disposition. Large breasts can cause neck and back pain due to the excess weight on the chest. If this is the case, it may be time to consider a breast reduction to improve quality of life. Women whose breasts limit their activities or cause them pain can get safe, quick results and relief from a breast reduction.

Waiting to have breast reduction out of fear that insurance will not cover the procedure is a common misconception. Many physician offices will say years of extensive documented medical issues are required before a procedure can be covered. We discuss breast reduction surgery and insurance coverage below.

Why A Breast Reduction?

There are many reasons a woman might want breast reduction surgery. Some of them include:

  1. Pain – If larger breasts are causing neck or back pain, or bad posture or numbness, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about getting a breast reduction. Women who get breast reduction surgery later claim it has changed their life.  Their pain is gone and they’re finally able to live their lives to the fullest.
  2. Appearance – Having large breasts can make a female very self conscious, with unwanted attention. Often times, women with large breasts try to dress in oversized clothes, scarves, and high neck clothing to disguise the size of their breasts. This can have a lasting impact on the quality of life and cause a great amount of stress when getting dressed on a daily basis. Post breast reduction, the ability to wear regular clothes becomes easier and less of a dreaded daily struggle.
  3. Sleeping – Large breasts can make it very difficult to sleep comfortably. A breast reduction can alleviate the need for special pillows, discomfort or trouble sleeping.
  4. Clothing – Finding clothes that fit larger breasts can be quite a challenge, especially if the rest of the body is not proportional to the breast size. A breast reduction can make finding clothing that fits much easier, without the frustration of not being able to find clothes that work with contrasting dimensions.
  5. Lifestyle and Exercise – Struggling with the pain of exercising with large breasts can be a significant issue. It can inhibit being able to run, bike, row or even walk at a fast pace. After breast reduction, the freedom to exercise across a wide variety of modalities becomes quite freeing.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

Many patients inquire if breast reduction is covered by insurance. It is a passion of our office to try to ensure every patient has a recourse for surgery. Insurance providers will often cover a breast reduction when it erases painful symptoms. Our office, along with Dr. Comizio, work diligently on our patients behalf to have insurance cover the procedure. Although some insurers exclude coverage for breast reduction, Dr Comizio also participates in financing options for cash paying patients.

Dr. Comizio has helped thousands of women escape the confines of large breasts. She empathizes and understands the struggle and can help navigate the process. Through a private consultation, she will discuss the different types of breast reduction procedures offered and which one is right. Call  (973) 775-9248. to book a consultation.