Breast Revision to Fix Issues

Although technology for breast augmentation has advanced greatly over the years, it can be incredibly disappointing if implants develop a problem and a breast revision is needed. If a problem is suspected with one or both implants, it’s important to address it as soon as possible and see a specialist.

Implants can become hard, painful or malpositioned. This can be caused by a few common problems, which can often be fixed by a breast revision. Some of the common issues are covered below.

Common Problems Fixed by Breast Revision

Patients occasionally experience problems with their breast implants. But the following are the most common problems.

  • Capsular contracture – After your plastic surgeon places your implant, your body will naturally form a protective shell of scar tissue around it. Usually, this capsule remains thin and soft but it can sometimes thicken and calcify. When this happens, it is called a capsular contracture and it usually causes the implant to show through the skin. Sometimes it can even cause pain.
  • Change in size – Over time, a woman’s body can change and the size of the original implants but not look the same as when they were first inserted. If a woman is looking to reduce or increase implant size, a breast revision is a great option.
  • Saline or silicone leak – A leak with saline implants is very obvious because the implant will deflate. A silicone implant leak can be less obvious since the material is thicker and not absorbed by the body. In the vast majority of cases, the ruptured silicone material stays within the capsule. In rare cases, silicone can become extracapsular and form lumps of silicone, called granulomas that also need to be removed.
  • Implant malposition – If an implant has flipped, moved, or shifted inside the scar tissue “pocket”, it can cause breasts to look uneven. This is often the case when the pocket is too large.

Breast Revision Techniques

Dr. Comizio approaches breast revision with multiple options, based on the specific case of each patient. Those techniques include:

  • Using fat – A technique called fat grafting can be used where fat from one part of the body is extracted and used to shape the breasts.
  • Changing the pocket – If an implant has shifted or rotated, Dr. Comizio may decide to decrease the size of the implant capsule or, in some cases, enlarge the pocket.
  • Swap out implants – For patients who have leaks, older implants, or want a different size, Dr. Comizio may change out the implants during the breast revision.

Women who have implants and need them adjusted, changed out, or if they are causing pain should contact Dr. Comizio’s office immediately to schedule an appointment. Dr. Comizio has built her practice using a unique and powerful communication style with all of her patients. She believes in working with her patients to develop a treatment plan that makes sense for them. Call us today and we’ll get you in to see the doctor and get your implant taken care of as soon as possible: 973-775-9248.