Differences Between Implant Vs. Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction New Jersey

If you’re a New Jersey woman facing a mastectomy and also want breast reconstruction surgery, there are two options available to you: implant or tissue-based breast reconstruction. Deciding on which route to go can be a confusing process, especially given all the additional medical decisions you are making regarding your breast cancer treatment. Dr. Comizio understands that breast cancer patients have more than a lot on their minds, and has prepared this blog post to help walk you through the differences between implant vs. tissue breast reconstruction.

Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction

Many New Jersey women considering a breast reconstruction have never considered getting breast implants before. But now, faced with losing one or both of their natural breasts, they want surgery to give them back their womanly silhouette. Breast implants are a great option for doing so.

If you choose implant-based breast reconstruction, first you will receive temporary implants called tissue expanders either at the time of your mastectomy. Some patients opt to pursue breast reconstruction at a later date – delaying the breast reconstruction until all their cancer treatments are finalized. The choice of immediate or delayed New Jersey breast recosntruction depends on your preference and personalized treatment plan that will be formed in collaboration with Dr. Comizio, your mastectomy surgeon, and your oncologist. These tissue expanders are inflated during surgery and continue to be inflated postoperatively. Later – at a time that doesn’t interfere with your cancer treatment procedures – your temporary expanders will be replaced with either silicone or saline breast implants, depending on the type of implants you choose.

Implant and flap based reconstruction can be complicated by radiation treatments – either in the past or in the future after the mastectomy is performed. It is best to have a balanced discussion with your breast surgeon and Dr. Comizio to determine if implant based reconstruction is advisable based on planned cancer treatments.

Tissue-Based Breast Reconstruction

New Jersey women who either don’t want or aren’t candidates for implant-based breast reconstruction can opt for tissue-based breast reconstruction instead. This procedure, which can be performed during your mastectomy or later in a delayed fashion after cancer treatments are completed, typically harvests skin, tissue and blood vessels from your abdomen or back to help rebuild your breasts.

While preferred by some New Jersey women, tissue-based breast reconstruction surgery isn’t for everyone. First, undergoing this procedure means you’ll have multiple surgical sites, which could add to postoperative complications. Second, depending on your size and physique, you may not have enough tissue available for harvesting to properly reconstruct your breasts. Also, the tissue flap surgery will lengthen the surgical time under anesthesia for New Jersey women undergoing mastectomy. Flap based reconstruction carries a longer hospital stay compared to implant based reconstruction where you are usually home after one night in the hospital.

Choosing Your Breast Reconstruction Option

Choosing a breast reconstruction option may seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s not one that you need to go through alone. Dr. Comizio will be by your side listening to your desires and concerns, reviewing your medical and family history, and examining your breasts and body to come up with a recommendation and personalized treatment plan just for you.

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