Do You Have Synmastia?

Many women who have had breast augmentation face a breast complication post-surgery called synmastia, when your breasts grow together, with little or no space between them – often referred to as “uniboob.” As a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Comizio has seen this all too often and can help correct this condition through a breast revision procedure. How and why does synmastia happen? Dr. Comizio provides insight below:

What is synmastia?
The term synmastia refers to a condition that can occur after breast augmentation where the breasts are too close together. Synmastia is one of the most dreaded complications from breast augmentation that women face. To correct it requires breast revision surgery, however many doctors do not provide improved results based on the systematic approach and surgical techniques required during the procedure. Dr. Comizio’s expertise in this procedure have helped many women recover from a failed breast reduction surgery.

Why does synmastia happen?
Often with subglandular breast implant placement, meaning above the muscle, there are times when the pockets created to place the implants are too close, and the breast skin is stretched too thin, causing the breast implants to settle too close together. Note, in less common situations, synmastia can also occur if your breast implants are placed submuscularly.

Synmastia can also occur if the breast implants used are too large for the patient’s chest. When this happens, the implants will push too far to the sides of the breasts causing the uniboob look, rather than two separate breasts.

How do you repair synmastia?
If you have developed symmastia after your breast augmentation surgery, the results can be devastating. Be assured, Dr. Comizio can correct this problem by performing a breast revision procedure. During your breast revision surgery, Dr. Comizio will first re-attach the breast tissue to the breast bone and remove your breast implants for a period of time. This gives your body time to heal and ensures your breast tissue has reattached to the bone successfully. Once your healing time has passed, Dr. Comizio will perform a breast augmentation procedure to place new implants. Dr. Comizio typically uses previous incision locations during this secondary procedure to eliminate excessive scarring. Dr. Comizio will properly place your implants and take the necessary precautions to decrease the chance of a recurrence of synmastia.

Dr. Comizio is the top breast surgeon in New Jersey
Dr. Comizio has been recognized as one of the top, female breast surgeons in New Jersey. She will help you conquer the frustrating complications from previous breast augmentation surgery and give you amazing results. Dr. Comizio is always available for a consultation to discuss your options one-on-one. Keep in mind, Dr. Comizio is in-network, so most breast correction surgeries are covered by insurance. It’s important to not let complications carry on for too long and create even more risks. Call today: (973) 775-9248.

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