Tissue Expanders After A Mastectomy

You may be wondering if you can have breast reconstruction immediately following a mastectomy. Every woman is unique, and each body is different; therefore, mastectomies or breast reconstruction procedures are unique to each case.

Dr. Comizio’s breast reconstruction methodology is extensive. She takes an individualized approach to each surgery, accommodating the needs and desires for each patient. During the reconstruction process, Dr. Comizio will be sure to communicate with your oncologist and breast surgeon to discuss when it is safe to perform your breast reconstruction after mastectomy, especially if you are having chemotherapy or radiation.

In some cases, Dr. Comizio will need more elasticity from your tissue to help your reconstruction go more smoothly. If this is the case, Dr. Comizio will use a tissue expander after your mastectomy that will remain in your breasts for about 12 weeks. She will place a temporary expander in a pocket and fill the temporary implant partially with saline. Typically, you are in the hospital for one to two nights after the expander is placed. Once you have healed, the expander is removed, and breast implants are placed.

Choosing to have breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can provide cancer patients with great hope and a feeling of normalcy in an otherwise difficult time. Dr. Comizio will make the process as straight forward as possible. Her extensive experience with breast reconstruction post mastectomies helps her understand how challenging and important this time can be and how hard it often is to make decisions.

Dr. Comizio and her staff care deeply about each of her patients and take the time to walk through the procedure and review a plan of action – making each patient’s overall health and comfort a priority. She considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to help women get back to their womanly figure, and a sense of wholeness.

If a recent diagnosis leads to the suggestion of a mastectomy, and you are considering the procedure, please reach out to our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Comizio. She will ensure she reviews all your options: 973– 775-9248.

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