Can a Breast Reduction Improve the Shape and Contour of My Breasts?

Most women are born with some degree of asymmetrical or misshapen breasts. Some of these women also have naturally large breasts that hinder their quality of life or cause back, neck and shoulder pain. They may even experience bad posture, skin rashes, and more. When a women is looking for a breast reduction, they often want to reduce the size of their breasts, and also achieve the shape, symmetry, and aesthetics they’ve always desired. Breast reduction surgery can reshape the breast and lift them into a more natural position.

Reshaping the Breasts 

A breast reconstruction is not simply eliminating tissue from the breast. Dr. Comizio’s goal in a breast reconstruction surgery is to both reduce breast size while creating a natural contour and silhouette. She may use a number of different techniques to achieve requested results, including:

  • Making either one or multiple incisions on the breast to access breast tissue. The incisions are usually placed in areas where the scars can easily be concealed under bras or swim tops
  • Removing excess breast tissue and skin
  • Performing liposuction to recontour and reshape your breasts
  • Repositioning the nipple to a more appealing, natural looking location. 

Since every breast reduction patient is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for this procedure. Each breast reduction plan will depend on the patient’s particular anatomy, natural breast size, expectations for how they should appear on their body frame, and desires for breast shape and contour.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

While breast reconstruction is typically an outpatient procedure performed at a surgical center, certain recovery instructions must be followed including:

  • Arranging for a ride home on the day of surgery, due to the anesthesia
  • Taking about 2 weeks off of work or school to allow for adequate rest time at home post procedure
  • Taking pain medication exactly as prescribed
  • Wearing the surgical bra all day to reduce swelling
  • Abstaining from smoking, as tobacco use can complicate the healing process (and the outcome of the breast reduction surgery).

Dr. Comizio offers special attention and effort to ensure that all of her patients are fully informed of their potential procedures prior to surgery. During an initial consultation with Dr. Comizio for a breast reduction procedure, she will listen to your concerns and goals. If pain is one of the reasons you desire a breast reduction, Dr. Comizio’s team will work to try to have insurance cover the procedure.

Dr. Comizio will examine a patient’s breasts and create a customized treatment plan. She will explain what procedures she recommends, and answer any questions. She is an expert in her field and takes great pride in ensuring a successful outcome. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Comizio, call (973) 775-9248 or fill out this form.