How Can Breast Reduction Improve Problems Associated with Large Breasts?

Breast Reduction New JerseyEvery year, Dr. Comizio meets with New Jersey women who want a breast reduction because of the medical complications their large natural breasts cause. It’s proof that bigger isn’t always better. These women trust Dr. Comizio because of her Ivy League education, her years of experience performing breast reductions, and her impeccable bedside manner and relationship building with potential patients. It’s hard for some women to talk about their breasts. But when you meet with Dr. Comizio to explain the medical problems they are causing you, she’ll respond with empathy and medical knowledge to help you make a well-informed decision.

Breast Reduction Can Reduce Weight and Stress on Your Body

Large natural breasts weigh a lot. And the extra weight and stress they put on your body causing some women to experience a lot of pain, especially in their neck, back and/or shoulders. Through a breast reduction that reduces your breasts to your desired size, a large volume of breast tissue can be removed, allowing you to have lighter breasts that no longer put pressure on areas of your body that previously experienced pain.

Breast Reduction Can Reduce or Eliminate Shoulder Strap Indentations from Bras

If you’re a New Jersey woman with large natural breasts, then you likely experience deep indentations in your shoulders every day from your bra straps. These indentations can be so severe they cause irritation and pain. They occur because it’s difficult to find a well fitting and supportive bra when your breasts are large, and also because the shoulder strap is holding up so much weight to keep your breasts in place.

By having a breast reduction, many New Jersey women are able to significantly reduce or altogether eliminate their shoulder strap indentations. This is because their new, lighter breasts no longer place so much stress on their bra shoulder straps. The result is often more comfort for the patient.

Say Goodbye to Migraines

If you have large natural breasts and also suffer from migraines, the cause may very well be your breast size. While, if you experience migraines it’s always important to report the issue to your general healthcare provider to rule out any other medical cause, sometimes the cause is in fact linked to woman’s breast size.

Reducing the size of your breasts has been linked to reducing or eliminating the occurrence of migraines in some women. If you suffer from frequent migraines that your primary healthcare physician has been treating you for, it may be time to consult with Dr. Comizio to see if your migraines may be linked to your breast size.

Don’t Suffer in Pain Because You Have Large Breasts

The bottom line when it comes to large breasts and associated medical issues is that you don’t have to suffer in pain. Through a breast reduction, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Comizio can significantly reduce the volume of your breasts to a lighter, more desired size, and alleviate a variety of medical issues, some of which were discussed above.

If you believe you’re experiencing medical issues because of your breast size, stop the suffering. Call Dr. Comizio’s office in Morris County, New Jersey at (973) 775-9248 to schedule an initial consultation with her today.