A Breast Reduction Can Eliminate Medical Issues

So many women reach out to Dr. Comizio seeking a breast reduction due to medical complications from having large breasts.  Having large breasts can hinder a woman’s quality of life, especially if they do not fit the natural frame of the body.   As difficult as it is to make that first appointment to discuss options, finding a solution far outweighs unnecessary medical issues.

Reduce Extra Weight and Stress

Large, natural breasts can be very heavy on the frontal plane of your body. They can actually weigh up to 20 pounds. That is a lot of stress on the body, and can cause significant pain, especially in the neck, back and/or shoulders. A breast reduction can remove a large volume of breast tissue, allowing a much lighter strain on your body and alleviating pressure on areas of your body that previously experienced pain.

Reduce Shoulder Strap Indentations

Many do not realize, the strain of large breasts can also pull at bra straps and cause painful indentations in the shoulders. These indentations can be so severe they cause irritation and pain. It is often difficult to find a well-fitting and supportive bra when a women’s breast size is outside of the range of typical bra sizes available.

A breast reduction can significantly reduce or eliminate shoulder strap pain and indentations. A smaller breast is much easier to support and there is a much bigger selection of bras that fit well and hold the weight of the breasts. It can give a new sense of freedom without the constant aching and discomfort.

Eliminate Migraines

There is a connection between large, natural breasts and tension headaches and migraines. Women with large breasts seem to have this common denominator. This could be due to the weight of the breasts applying added stressors to the muscles of the upper back, neck, and head. Larger breast size can hinder day-to-day activities and put pressure on the body, causing medical issues. Migraines can be one of the effects of a larger breast size. Communication with doctors is important so they are aware of any medical issues and to ensure there are no other causes. In many cases, it is a direct correlation to large breasts.

Reducing the size of your breasts has been linked to minimizing or even eliminating the occurrence of migraines in some women. All of these factors are important to discuss with your surgeon during the initial consultation.

Pain Can Be Eliminated

Dr. Comizio has focused much of her career on breast reductions and helping clients relieve the pain and suffering they may be experiencing. Her impeccable surgical skills and her reputable bedside manner are unparalleled.

There is no need to suffer. A breast reduction can be life altering and provide a more normal daily life. Dr. Comizio can help to significantly reduce breast volume and achieve a more desired size. Pain and suffering can be alleviated, in addition to a variety of medical issues, simply by deciding not to wait any longer.

If you are experiencing medical issues due to a large breast size, you do not have to suffer any longer. Make a consultation with Dr. Comizio in her Morristown office. Simply call 973-775-9248 to speak to her welcoming staff.