How Do Breast Implants Stay In Their Proper Position?

Breast_Implants_Stay_In_PlaceDr. Comizio is a Harvard-educated surgeon and has built her practice on working together with all of her patients to develop a treatment plan that makes you feel comfortable. But the only way to do that is if our patients ask any and all questions that they have–especially when it comes to breast augmentation. Morristown patients often ask us exactly how breast implants stay in place.

This is an excellent question and one that we love to answer because it allows us to talk about the skill, precision, and passion that Dr. Comizio puts into every single one of her procedures.

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How Implants Stay in Place After Breast Augmentation

Morristown women often ask us how their implants stay firmly in place after their procedure. In order to understand how, let’s first see how breast augmentation is done.

  1. Comizio performs breast augmentation in an outpatient surgery center or in a hospital while patients are under general anesthesia.
  2. Then Dr. Comizio makes an incision under the fold of the breast, called the “inframammary fold” where it will be discrete and out of sight. There are other incision sites that some patients require and Dr. Comizio will discuss that with you if it is an option.
  3. After the incision, Dr. Comizio will go about placing the implant inside the breast. Now, there are different areas to place the implant but most often it is placed under the pectoral muscle, called a “submuscular” implant.
  4. Placing the implant under the muscle has several advantages.
    1. First, it can often give the implant a more natural appearance.
    2. Second, the muscles and ligaments will help hold the implant in place.
  5. After the implant is placed and you begin to heal, your body will form scar tissue around the implant, which is called a “capsule.”

How to Keep Implants from Shifting

After a breast augmentation, Morristown patients should expect to spend a week or so resting and healing. This is absolutely critical in order to ensure that your body heals correctly and that the implant is secure. But there are some things you can do to help prevent your implant from shifting.

  • Wear a bra. Supporting your new implants is a great way to make sure they stay in place, especially when you’re doing any kind of exercise or strenuous activity.
  • Give breasts a massage. Massaging your implants for a few minutes each day can help the implant settle into the scar tissue capsule and can also prevent the capsule from contracting on the implant after your breast augmentation.

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