Will Breast Reduction Improve My Posture?

Many women consider a breast reduction when their daily lives are impacted by pain, discomfort or limitations. It is actually a fairly common procedure. Common issues with large breasts include neck and back pain, which can also affect posture by trying to relieve some of the pain.

When the suffering becomes too much to bear, it might be the right time to consider a reduction. Women can come to this determination in different phases of their lives – there is not necessarily a right time to get a breast reduction. The timing is very individual and unique to each situation.

Posture and Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts may suffer from a list of problems from carrying around the excess weight of heavy breasts. Often, posture can be compromised by overcompensating for the discomfort. A breast reduction can improve posture several ways:

  • Shoulders – Women can experience tremendous strain and pain in their shoulders as the weight of their breasts pulls down. A breast reduction can alleviate this heavy weight and allow the shoulders and back to be in proper position.
  • Hunching – Another common issue with oversized breasts is hunching. This can happen from the heaviness of breasts in the front of the body and trying to alleviate some of the front load. It can also be the result of trying to hide larger breasts and not bring attention to the chest.
  • Neck and Back Pain – With larger breasts, the neck and back muscles compensate to “pick up the slack” and can cause immense pain. By reducing the size of the breasts, neck and back muscles will get immediate relief.

What Happens During Breast Reduction?

If it is determined that a breast reduction is the procedure of choice, it’s important to keep a couple of factors in mind. During a consultation, each of these items will be discussed in further detail and specifics.

  1. Location – Dr. Comizio performs breast reduction at an outpatient surgery center or at a hospital while the patient is under general anesthesia.
  2. Incision – During the consultation process patients will select an incision method based on each unique case. Each option will be reviewed thoroughly to determine the right one to achieve desired outcome and results.
  3. Procedure – The procedure will last about 3 hours and Dr. Comizio will remove skin and breast tissue to achieve desired breast size and contour.
  4. Recovery – After surgery, a pain medication will be prescribed to help ease some of the pain that may be experienced during the first few days. The full recovery process can take several weeks.
  5. Insurance – Most women are not aware that a breast reduction to relieve painful symptoms is most often covered by insurance. Dr. Comizio’s staff is thoroughly versed with insurance approvals and will help navigate insurance coverage.

All of the details of the procedure, surgical options and insurance coverage is discuss during an initial consultation. Call the office today  (973) 775-9248 to schedule an in-office visit and start the process.