Types of Breast Reduction Techniques

Breast Reduction New Jersey

You’ve heard that breast reduction surgery can help relieve the pain you feel from your large, droopy breasts, especially in your back, neck, and shoulders, not to mention the pain of bra strap indentation marks on your shoulders. But, have you ever wondered how plastic surgeons like Dr. Comizio conduct this procedure? If you’re curious about how New Jersey women, such as yourself, successfully undergo a breast reduction surgery, continue reading as we discuss the common techniques used to surgically reduce breast size.

 1. An Anchor Scar

Named for the shape of the scar it leaves on the bottom of your breast; an anchor scar is the most common breast reduction technique there is. With this procedure, Dr. Comizio will make an anchor-like incision, or an upside-down “T” incision at the bottom of your breast. This incision will be used to remove excess breast tissue and skin, and to reshape and recontour your breasts, and lift them into a more aesthetically pleasing position.

 2. A Vertical Breast Reduction

New Jersey women with moderately large breasts may be good candidates for a vertical breast reduction, or lollipop scar reduction. With this technique, the breasts are opened around the areola and the middle of the breasts. From this incision, excess breast tissue and skin are removed, and the areola and nipple are placed into a more natural looking position.

 3. Liposuction

If you’re a New Jersey woman who only needs a mild breast reduction surgery, Dr. Comizio may opt to use liposuction for your procedure. This option is especially good for women who have fatty breast tissue and good skin elasticity.

Which Breast Reduction Technique is Right for Me?

All New Jersey women are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for breast reduction surgery. The truth is, which technique is right for you depends on your unique situation and anatomy, as well as your desired results including how much breast tissue you would like removed, whether or not you want your breasts reshaped and recontoured, and what you want your breasts to look like on your frame.

Is it True that Insurance Will Cover My Breast Reduction Surgery?

While Dr. Comizio has successfully helped many of her New Jersey patients deal with their insurance companies, whether or not your plan will cover your procedure depends on a number of factors. One of the primary requirements for insurance companies to cover a breast reduction surgery is medical evidence that your naturally large breasts cause you a significant amount of back, neck or shoulder pain. If you fall into that category, make sure you let Dr. Comizio know so that she and her staff can help you work with your insurance company to cover your procedure.

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