How Will Weight Loss Affect The Results Of My Breast Augmentation Or Breast Reduction Surgery?

Weight_Loss_Affect_Results_Of_Breast_SurgeryMorristown breast augmentation patients often experience a sense of renewal and revival after their procedure and want to lose weight. Of course, their first question is: how will weight loss affect their results? This is an excellent question and one that is very common for our patients. We wanted to put together a quick response to this question on our blog so any potential patients can be informed before they make the decision to get breast augmentation or breast reduction. So if you’ve already had a breast augmentation and want to lose weight or if you’re considering getting implants and want to know your future options for weight loss then take a look below.

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Weight Loss and Breast Augmentation

Morristown women should know that weight loss may or may not actually impact their breast implants. It really does all depend on your body and your breasts. But here are some things to consider.

  • The risk of “rippling” – For women who want to lose weight but have breast implants, the concern is that the lost weight will make your implants look bad. Women who lose a lot of weight after getting breast implants can reveal more of the implant, which produces a rippling effect.
  • How much weight do you want to lose? If you’re average size and looking to lose 10 to 20 pounds, then you may notice some breast sagging if your breasts tended to change with weight loss before surgery.
  • Think about the past – Think about how you have lost weight in the past. Did you lose a lot of weight in your breasts or was it primarily in other areas of your body? Thinking about how your unique body reacts to weight loss could give you an idea of how your breast augmentation or reduction may change with weight loss.
  • Implant placement – The placement of your implant under the muscle or on top of it could also impact how your breasts look after losing weight.
  • Weight loss could improve appearance – If you do lose weight, it could help your breast augmentation look better. By slimming down other parts of your body it could help your implants stand out and look fuller after your breast augmentation.

Morristown women who want to lose weight but are worried about their breast augmentation results should give us a call today at (973) 775-9248. We can set up an appointment for you to see Dr. Comizio and ask her all of your questions. We want our patients to be comfortable, confident, and supported as they try to live a healthy life.