What Is the Ideal Age to Have a Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction New JerseyIt’s a common question that Morristown women who consult with Dr. Comizio have. If I want a breast reduction, at what age should I have it performed? The answer is, it all depends on you and your unique situation. Continue reading to learn why.

There’s No Magic Age when It Comes to Having a Breast Reduction Performed

Morristown plastic surgeon Dr. Comizio always strives to be as open, honest and informative with her potential breast reduction patients. That’s why, when she’s asked when the ideal time is to have the surgery performed, she always tells her patients “It depends,” and usually accompanies that response with a series of questions. Many women desiring a breast reduction visit Dr. Comizio because their large natural breasts cause them medical issues, such as pain in their neck, back, and/or shoulders, deep and painful shoulder indentations from bra straps, and even migraine headaches. If this sounds like you, then on the surface it would seem as though the best time to have the breast reduction procedure performed is now. After all, why continue to suffer in pain when there is a treatment that can offer you comfort and relief?

Considerations for Women of Childbearing Age

One of the primary reasons Dr. Comizio says that the timing of when to get a breast reduction is so personal, is because many Morristown women of childbearing age have different goals for family planning. Among those who think or know they want to have children, there are different goals and desires on how to feed future children. Breast reduction surgery cuts through breast ducts and can impact future breastfeeding. That being said, it is possible to breastfeed after having breast reduction surgery. However, not every women who desires breastfeeding has success in doing so – regardless of whether they have had surgery on their breasts. Therefore, a general rule of thumb is if a New Jersey women feels 100% that breastfeeding is the only way to go in feeding their future children, these women are recommended to wait until after they have completed pregnancy and lactation before having surgery. There are other Northern New Jersey women who are more open to formula feeding, if necessary, and are experiencing severe breast related symptoms. These women may choose to obtain a smaller more comfortable breast size before having children so they can feel healthier and more comfortable as they start their family.

In general, breast size can increase with any hormonal fluctuation. Dr. Comizio informs her patients that each pregnancy, or weight gain, or future menopause may increase the size of their breasts in the future. If that is in the cards for a New Jersey woman with large breasts, then it is the choice between getting larger breasts starting with a size C where they may end up being a D or DD versus getting larger breasts starting with a size G and going to an H or I cup.

The Importance of an Open and Honest Consultation with Dr. Comizio

As you can see, there are a variety of things to consider when it comes to determining the right age to have a breast reduction performed. Each candidate is different and unique, and therefore, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. This is why it’s so important to be honest and open with Dr. Comizio about your medical issues associated with your large breasts, as well as family planning goals if you’re of childbearing age. By working together, the two of you can determine the best possible timing to proceed with your breast reduction surgery.

To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Comizio regarding breast reduction and the timing of the surgery, call her Morristown office today at (973) 775-9248.