Will I Have Excess Skin if I Choose Smaller Implants for Breast Revision?

istock_34143548_large-compressor-1For many New Jersey women, choosing to have breast revision surgery is a difficult decision. They’ve already undergone breast augmentation once, and now they’re considering a second surgery. But why would a New Jersey woman choose to get smaller implants, and what happens to your breast tissue when you go smaller? Read on as Dr. Comizio explains why a woman might choose a breast revision with smaller implants, and what happens to the breast tissue after a breast revision.

Why Would You Choose Smaller Breast Implants?

There are several reasons why New Jersey women choose to have a breast revision with smaller implants, including:

  • Regretting going “too big” with the original breast augmentation surgery;
  • Losing weight in other parts of the body post breast augmentation surgery, and wanting to have a more proportional body;
  • Wanting less attention than bigger implants bring; and
  • Reducing pain from large implants/breasts.

What Happens When You Go Smaller?

If you decide that your original breast implants are too big, New Jersey Dr. Comizio is going to want to see the full details of your original breast implant surgery so she can formulate a breast revision treatment plan for you. Typically when having a breast revision and going with smaller implants, the implant pocket will be reduced. A breast lift may also be performed, to eliminate excess skin from your formerly larger breasts.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having Breast Revision Surgery?

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to having breast revision surgery, especially breast augmentation surgery with smaller implants.

Some of the pros include:

  • Regaining a more youthful appearance;
  • Improving your breast to body proportion;
  • Correcting any issues from your original breast augmentation surgery.

Some cons of breast revision surgery include:

  • The fact that aging, gravity and regular changes in life will eventually change the shape and look of your breast revision;
  • Smaller breast implants may also require a breast lift to remove excess skin;
  • Breast revision surgery may be complicated if you do not have the records from your original breast augmentation surgery.

What Makes Me a Good Candidate for a Breast Revision?

Not all New Jersey women are good candidates for a breast revision surgery. In order to be a good candidate you must:

  • Have a desire to change your implants either due to implant size, implant rupture, capsule contracture or breast tissue change as a result of weight gain and/or loss;
  • Be in good general health;
  • Be a non-smoker, or be committed to quit smoking at least 4 weeks before through 2 weeks after your breast revision surgery, as smoking can complicate both the procedure and recovery time;
  • Have at least two weeks off of work or school to recover from your breast revision surgery;
  • Be in good psychological health; and
  • Have realistic expectations for your breast revision surgery.

I’m Considering a Breast Revision. What Do I Do Now?

If you’re ready to alter your breast implant size or shape, call New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Comizio at (973) 775-9248 for a breast revision consultation today.