Are You Ready For A Change?

Have you been thinking about making a change? There are 20 days left in this decade and new beginnings are just around the corner. Time moves very quickly – and often, we wait for the perfect moment. Truly, there is no perfect moment. As we all know, the future is never guaranteed – it’s so important to take advantage of the present and make a change now. You may wake up weeks, months, years (and even decades!) later wishing you had just pursued your dreams.
The best way to alleviate fear of an unknown is to take small steps – one at a time. Sometimes, when we look at the whole picture, it can become overwhelming. Breaking it down into pieces, and attainable, measurable steps, will help you navigate your journey in a much more palpable way. Suddenly, what seemed like the unattainable, is now right in front of you, within arm’s reach.
So, maybe you are looking to reduce your breast size, as it’s truly affecting your quality of life. Or, you want to look into breast revision or augmentation. Perhaps you are considering a tummy tuck or liposuction – something you have been thinking about for a long time. You could be considering subtle facial rejuvenation to help you look refreshed in the New Year. It’s time.

How do you take that first small step? It starts with making an appointment for a consultation. It’s such an easy beginning and an opportunity to review all your fears, concerns and questions face-to-face, with a doctor that has the most incredible compassion and commitment to helping her patients improve their lives. Dr. Comizo and her entire team center around helping patients understand their options before fully making a decision about a surgery or procedure. Many procedures are actually covered by insurance and Dr. Comizio’s team will deal with all the insurance discussions with your carrier on your behalf. Really…there should be nothing stopping you. You are in such good hands. Give yourself the gift of self-care.

Simply call the office: 973-775-9248. We are waiting for you – with open arms. Need more info?