Will My Breasts Be Symmetrical?

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can take a toll physically and emotionally. Digesting the news will result in several stages of acceptance and decision making, including the course of treatment. If breast cancer has been diagnosed in one breast, and the recommended treatment is a mastectomy, some people choose to have a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy. Once the decision is made, you may wonder if reconstructive breast surgery will result in symmetrical breasts?

Dr. Comizio, a highly acclaimed, Ivy-league trained plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction, is asked this question often.  She knows how important it is to get the results you want and expect from your procedure and is extremely precise in her approach.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery – How it Works
If you decide to partner with Dr. Comizio and determine unilateral, or one-sided mastectomy, is the right decision for your health, she will consider several ways to achieve a balanced, natural look between the reconstructed breast and the native breast. Some of your options include:

  • Autologous breast reconstruction – This method of reconstructive breast surgery will involve Dr. Comizio using existing fat, muscle, and skin from another part of your body, usually your abdomen or back, and transfer it to the breast site. This method gives reconstructive breast surgery patients a close match to their existing breast in shape, size, and feel.
  • Breast enhancement procedure – this procedure is performed on the non-cancerous breast at the same time as the reconstructive breast surgery. This is an approach to ensure both breasts match in size and shape. Depending on your individual situation, Dr. Comizio may suggest a breast lift, a breast implant or a breast reduction if necessary, to match both breasts symmetrically.
  • Fat transfer – A fat transfer is an option during reconstructive breast surgery. During a fat transfer, Dr. Comizio will take existing fat from your abdomen or thighs, or another part of your body if preferred, and inject it into the reconstructed breast. This tends to lead to a very natural result.

Consultation with Dr. Comizio
Once you decide to proceed with a mastectomy, the next step is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Comizio. She will review all your options, and the details regarding each procedure. Dr. Comizio will collaborate with you to determine the best course of action, based on your diagnosis, and partner directly with your doctors to provide the best possible outcome from your reconstructive breast surgery. Your overall health and well-being are the most important concern for Dr. Comizio and her staff, and they will be with you through your entire reconstructive breast surgery process – ensuring you feel comfortable, safe and supported. Simply call her Morristown, New Jersey office: (973) 775-9248 to schedule an appointment.

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